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Make your Wedding Reception entertainment complete!

At a reception, guests come to support that Bride and Groom... and connect with friends and family. Entertainment and ice-breaking is the key to success.

According to USA Today, "Almost 100% of brides said they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment!" Don't make the same mistake so many others have. See for yourself what Brides and clients have said about Rich.

This is that special touch you've been looking for!
Do you and your guests a favor and "Get Rich" today!

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- Phyliss and Mike written on PERFECT SCORE

"We were lucky enough to have Rich come to our wedding and perform his magic, comedy and mentalism for our guests and he MADE the event. All our guests are still talking about how amazing he was! There are a lot of magicians out there with videos on You Tube that aren't legit, involve some type of obvious manipulation. Rich was the real deal - seeing his tricks in person blew us away.

Few points to note for any harried bride or event planner:

1. Rich is very organized. He is not the type of vendor that will make your life harder - he really took care of everything himself and made our lives as easy as possible.

2. We really appreciated that Rich took the time to find us, the bride and groom, to show us a trick together about our special day. I don't want to give away too many spoilers but let's just say, "Whoa." My husband and I still occasionally try to figure out how he did what he did. We were so busy greeting people that we probably wouldn't have had a chance to see him otherwise so I thought that was very thoughtful on his part.

3. He is very funny! You really do get a comedian and magician in one. We recently went to Magic Castle and observed some magicians who were doing interesting tricks but had a very awkward stage presence. Rich is the opposite - he is smooth, he knows how to work a crowd and he will break the ice among your guests.

Best entertainer we've seen in recent memory. Would book him in a heartbeat for another event. Thanks so much, Rich!"
- Nirali Shah and Matthew Knouff, exclusive New York wedding reception

"Rich Ferguson adds the perfect touch! You can’t afford to pass this up...Every bride wants people to tell them they had the most memorable reception ever, met great people, were excited to dance and socialize... Rich helps bring people together, breaks the ice and gets people jazzed!"
- Traci Adams

"Rich Ferguson is a Mentalist/Magician. He does things that will simply blow your mind! I found him off of a florists web site and checked him out. My husband thought I was crazy that I would think of having a magician at our wedding. He was imagining a kids magic show; rabbits coming out of top hats. We set up a consult. Rich read our minds, told us things about our lives that he had no way of knowing, did coin and amazing card tricks. My husband and I left his studio amazed. We didn't talk until we reached the safety of our car--we were afraid that he might still be able to hear us talking or read our minds! We knew he would set our wedding apart from all others. His fee was very reasonable. He made his way to every one of our guests. We were able to request that he play tricks on a few of our family and friends. He kept our guests entertained while we had to finish up pictures and stayed for the ceremony and entire rehearsal. Although we booked him over a year in advance, I was very impressed that he e-mailed every so often to see how the plans were going. He also invited us to a few public parties he had that were very fun! We are still getting compliments on how great he was and how unique and astonishing he was. Rich Ferguson will amaze you!"
- Amber and Mike, Bride review on PERFECT 25/25!

"To write a recommendation on Rich Ferguson is the easiest thing to do because he is just fabulous! The knowledge of his craft is fanominal. Rich has proven to be very trustworthy, consistant and reliable when he's hired for a job. He is amazingly inventive, he is certainly an out-of-the-box thinker and continues to amaze me every time I see him. Besides being an incredible magician, he is very down to earth, kind and genuine. Hire this man, you will not regret it!"
- Brenda Boorman, wedding professional and owner of A Heart to Heart Wedding Consultant

“I have been at events where you feel uncomfortable when an entertainer approaches you and starts doing his or her thing, not so with Rich. He is very low-key and reads his audience beautifully. Rich is a perfect entertainer for a sophisticated adult event.”

“At first I was not sure if it was a good decision to have a magician at the wedding, but everyone loved Rich! He was the best part of my wedding—besides my husband!”

“Rich was so good because he would get people talking that didn’t even know each other. Having him there really brought strangers together. We couldn’t have been happier.“

“…an absolute delight to have him at our wedding.”

“My 17-year-old son said Rich’s entertainment was ‘tight!’ Everybody, and I do mean everybody, thought Rich was just amazing. Rich was truly the highlight of the reception and people still talk about him all the time. He is just the best and just thinking about what he added to our celebration makes me smile all over.”

"...Rich is one of the best sleight of hand magicians on the face of the planet!..."
- Jonathon Pendragon, World Champion Magician

"Rich is classy, sophisticated and funny!"
- Lisa Mcgurrin, Special Events, Hearst Castle

"Thank you for the fun, tricks and laughter you brought to our small group that evening. It was cause for much post-production amusement as we drove home that evening, too. “Where did he…” and “Wasn’t that amazing, the part where he…” and “Unbelievable! It was sealed!” and, simply, “How’d he DO that?!” were only some of the words said on our way home. And I saw someone who clearly enjoyed his work."
- Gary Havas, Madonna Inn Event

"You are the best in the business!...I appreciate you and everything you have done for us and our guests at the casino!"
- Tony Gonzales, Special Events Manager, Chumash Casino

"I first got to know Rich when I hired him to be the entertainment for a Salon party. I didn't really know what to expect- but was blown away , as were all of my guest's! Rich mingles around your party engaging party goers with his unique 'ice breaking' magic. You will be left wondering 'How did he do that?' you will be in awe, and want to follow him around the room as he entertains everyone with his slight of hand, mind reading trickery, card tricks and so much more. He is just what he says- an 'Ice Breaker' for any and all gatherings. People still talk about that party when they first met Rich- He is totally awesome, and words really cant explain how unique his talent and skill are- you just have to see it to believe it! You Rock Rich-keep up the great work and I cant wait to be entertained by you at the next event."
- Kim Brown, Wedding hair and makeup

"Rich's dedication and commitment to excellence is inspiring. His intensity & passion in his work is unforgettable, a true professional!"
- Paul Thompson, Wedding DJ

"I've seen Rich on several times occasions throughout my years in this industry and he never ceases to AMAZE me with his skills!

What stands out to me the most when I think of the "Ice Breaker" in action, is when Rich paid me a visit at Villa Toscana one weekend, as I was the venue manager.

This just happened to be the weekend when we had some high profile clients staying with us~ one being Kevin Bacon.

Now,I really can't tell you what exactly what Rich did to tell you the truth when it comes down to the trick he performed for him, because it was more about the way Kevin responded.

He was enamored! Kevin stopped all that he was doing to watch Rich and try and dissect his every move. When the trick was finished his face was totally lit up, displaying the state of awe that he was in. I believe he even asked Rich to do it again, just because he thought it was that awesome.

Sorry I can't remember what it was you did, but I'm sure you can agree that it's more the reaction than the action in some situations and this proved to be so true.

Rich, "The Ice Breaker", you are a one of a kind! Thanks for the memories :)"
- Mary Allegretta-Butler, Wedding Coordinator

"Rich's tricks are absolutely amazing and mind boggling! He performs them upfront and close and no one can figure out how he can read minds, makes cards change colors, or words appear on a paper inside your wallet. Simply jaw dropping professional entertainment at its best. I can't wait to see Rich perform his next trick."
- Cecile DeMartini, Reception and event rentals and owner of Beach Butlerz

"As an active member of the San Luis Obispo business community, I have had the pleasure of seeing Rich Ferguson perform at multiple top-notch events over the years. The type of energy that Rich bring into crowd is hard to match- if you are seeking someone to "break the ice" at your next party or high-end event, Rich is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend Rich!"
- Tina Swithin, writer Huffington Post

"AMAZING!!! My husband and I have known Rich for over 20 years and have experienced his magic first hand for many of those years. He has been entertaining our families for much of that time as well and we could never say enough great things about him and how amazing his magic truly is. He always leaves us wanting more and because we're family we don't always get as much as we want to actually see, haha!! If your looking for someone to entertain, a professional and captivating Rich is your guy!! In fact, you'll never hire anyone else again and you'll be telling all your friends. Plus he's kinda famous!! :) :) :)"
- Stacee Loven

"Rich Ferguson is an amazing magician! His quick wit, coupled with his ability to smoothly capture everyone's attention around him made for a very entertaining evening... His display of skill is impressive, and the subtleties of engaging each person at the party at least once, and just in general helping folks to have a good time, impressed me and explains his moniker: The Ice Breaker. It's easy to strike up a conversation with people you may not know when you all can point and say "Did that just really happen in front of me?"
- Brian Herbst

"I've worked with Rich a bunch of times. He's always blowing people's minds. It's no wonder that he was on Ellen, the Tonight Show, and Jimmy Kimmel. One of the best entertainers I've seen. Very unique style. He doesn't steal the show, but rather helps "break the ice" with the guests and changes the whole vibe of an event. Having him at an event makes our job as the DJ ten times easier. People tend to dance more when they feel engaged and loosened up. Rich helps make this happen."
- Beau Kramer, owner Kramer Events - DJ's Lighting Photobooths

"Rich entertained the guests at my wedding while my bride and I were off taking photos. It was the perfect way to break the ice for our families. Three years later, and people are still talking about "that magic guy" at our wedding. This guy is the real deal."
- Ben Lawless, Wedding Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rich at multiple events over the years. Rich is extremely talented, fun and will blow your mind. He is the perfect addition to a wedding cocktail hour, corporate function or private party. I highly recommend Rich Ferguson for any event."
- Chris Bailey, Bailey DJ's, Wedding DJ and Lighting

Don't take our word for it - Look what Here Comes the Guide has to say about having Rich!

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"...He does things that will simply blow your mind!... We knew he would set our wedding apart from all others... We are still getting compliments on how great he was... Rich Ferguson will amaze you!" - Amber and Mike, Bride review on!

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